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Parents worldwide are now being faced with the challenge of supporting their children in remote learning while maintaining full-time jobs. Chicago Home Educators offers seminar series that are designed to provide your employees with knowledge and resources to support their children's education, while also perfecting the balancing act of working full-time. While based in Chicago, we offer nationwide support and have worked with companies across the US customizing content specific for each company’s location. 


  • Remote Learning 101 

  • Exploring Supplemental Resources

  • Common Core Aligned Learning Spaces

  • Social-Emotional Support: How to Address Anxiety During Remote Learning

  • Supporting Diverse Learners in Remote Learning 

  • Engagement: Motivating Children to Stay Engaged During Remote Learning

  • Homeschooling 101

  • Homeschooling 102: Digging Deeper​

*Seminars are not limited to what is listed above. Seminars can be customized to meet needs of employees.


  • 1:1 Consulting support for individual families

  • Parent workshops 

  • Parent support groups

  • Grade level and content specific mini seminars

  • Virtual office hours for Q & A

  • Virtual tutoring support for students

"My wife and I were struggling to balance our full-time jobs, while supporting our 4 and 5-year old's remote learning. We engaged Chicago Home Educators for help. They have a wealth of knowledge and resources and a strong POV on remote learning. Not only did they help us think through some of our current challenges with remote learning, but they talked us through home schooling options that could result in better outcomes for our daughters and would require less time than we are currently spending supervising remote learning.


I came away from the session feeling much more optimistic about remote learning, screen time and our daughter's ability to succeed in this odd time. I highly recommend them!"

"My experience with Chicago Home Educators has been nothing short of amazing! I didn’t know what to expect at first because I wasn’t sure how they could help me with some of the areas we were struggling with. The exceeded my expectations. Here are just a few of the things that were beneficial. 1. They provided me with a lot of insight into the curriculum so I understood the big picture. I now know what level my son is at for reading and where he needs to be by the end of the year. This gives our family a goal to work towards. 2. Now that we have goals they provided us with a ton of resources to help us reach that goal, both printable and online. 3. I have a safe space to ask questions and understand how things are being done outside my district for comparison. And most importantly I walked away feeling empowered and armed to attack some of my families learning challenges!"

We will diligently work with your Human Resource department to create customized seminars and programs to best fit your employees' needs. If you would like more information on how you can better support your employees, please fill out a request form to have one of our specialists contact you.

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