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Meet the Founders

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Lauren Mulcahy has over 10 years of teaching and leadership experience in the education field. Lauren is highly qualified, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Northern Illinois University and a Master’s degree in Urban Education from National-Louis University. During her time as an elementary educator in Chicago Public Schools, Lauren consistently obtained the highest percentage of student attainment school-wide. This success created the path for Lauren into educational leadership. As a K-8 Instructional Coach, Lauren was able to utilize her expertise & knowledge in Common Core State Standards, research-based curriculum, and teacher best practices, to cultivate the most effective teacher leaders to significantly increase student achievement. This success has always been the driving force behind Lauren’s passion for education. Lauren also served as a critical consultant to school administrators by assisting them in creating strategic school-wide structures and systems and advising them on their instructional leadership. Lauren's innovative leadership in Chicago Public Schools has transformed schools and the lives of students. As an educational consultant, Lauren will be a to provide the highest quality of knowledge, information, and resources available for parents. As a mother, Lauren also understands the importance of creating an engaging and meaningful homeschool environment for all children.

Lauren Mulcahy

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Barbara Williams has 7 plus years of teaching and leadership in Chicago Public Schools with extensive experience ranging from primary to middle school grades. Barbara is highly qualified, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology from Northern Central College and a Master’s degree in Teaching from National-Louis University. She was recognized for her impact in education in 2017, when she was awarded the Madeline Maraldi Award for Excellence in Teaching. Since then she has continued to excel, rising to become one of the most influential teacher leaders within Chicago Public Schools. She has served as a critical member on the Instructional Leadership Team, advising administrators and teachers on critical school decisions including curriculum selection, school data review, school improvement planning and peer coaching of teachers. Her extensive knowledge of Common Core State Standards, student engagement techniques and creativity makes her the perfect partner to support families in their transition to homeschooling. As an educational consultant, Barbara will strive to support families and create spaces where the voices of parents and students will be acknowledged and valued. 
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Barbara Williams 

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

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